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1st Move For Great Serves - Delay The Serving Hand | SportsEdTV

1ST MOVE FOR GREAT SERVES - DELAY THE SERVING HAND. Former ATP top 100 pro Jeff Salzenstein will teach you the keys to improving your serve. In this video, "The Serve Surgeon" dispels one of the biggest serving myths: Down Together, Up Together. This serving mantra has been used by tennis teachers for decades, but Salzenstein demonstrates why great servers actually delay the serving hand when ...

How To Improve Your First Move and Toss On The Serve I TENNIS ...

Should you toss or turn first at the start of your tennis service motion? That’s one of the most important areas to understand for developing an amazing ten...

TENNIS SERVE I 11 Steps To Hit A Perfect Tennis Serve ...

This is not a big concept that you want to focus on your tennis serve. First, you’ve got to have the right grip, stance, first move, trophy pose. As a result, the racquet drop will naturally happen. Keep the racquet away from your head and back, and avoid scratching your back. As you explode upwards with your legs, keep your arm and hand relaxed.

Rules of the Tennis Serve: An Exhaustive Guide – Racket ...

Practice the flat serve first, before moving on to spin or slice. If you do have a tennis court to yourself, take a bucket of balls and go and practice your serve. Practice from both sides of the court, and from both the left and the right. Practice serving into the sun, and practice serving in the shade.

How To Have A Great First Move On The Return - Tennis Evolution

When your opponent hits the serve, you need to recognize as soon as possible if the ball is coming to your forehand or backhand. Once you pick this up, make a quick first move. Don’t take your racquet back far, as this may often cause you to be late. Instead simply make a small shoulder turn, setting the racquet to the side of your body.

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Tennis Serving Rules

by ahmcgowan. The server alternates serving from the two halves of the court. In both a standard game, and tie-break game, the server begins by serving from the right half of the court. The serve must pass over the net and hit the service court that is diagonally opposite the server, before the receiver may return it.

The Evolution Of Tennis Serve Technique

As shown in the video above, this movement is called pronation, and it is done by rotating your forearm counterclockwise. Based on the biomechanical analysis of modern tennis players it has been measured that this movement ALONE is responsible for 40% of the speed of the racquet head.

Top Spin Tennis Serve And Pronation - How To Master It | Feel ...

The pronation and top spin seem counterintuitive until you try and feel it. If you’re a right hander, make a fist with your left hand as if to make a ball and then hit and brush your fist with a “serve top spin” action of your right hand and pronate afterwards.