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Can anyone recommend some good soccer rebounders ... - reddit.com

We use it in the backyard but if your basement is big enough it should work in there too. Can’t say it’s much better than a cinder block wall, but it is a little more versatile. 3. level 1. jakobako. · 5m. Yeah take a tonne of bricks and glue them together using cement. 4. level 1.

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap soccer rebounder ...

Yeah I’d prob look into making one before buying tbh. 2. level 1. ShahrumSmith. · 8m Professional Coach. If you’re buying one because you enjoy using them for some reason then fine. But if you’re buying one of get better at football, then don’t waste your time or money. They’re a gimmick. 3.

So, I have this rebounder (designed for soccer ... - reddit.com

So, I have this rebounder (designed for soccer) and it seems to work for “wall ball” My question is, would a wall be more beneficial? Or can I still get the same benefits from this rebounder. The only reason I ask is because it’s low to the ground, where as a wall you can pass etc at a higher plane.

Building a soccer kicking/rebounding wall, but how ... - reddit

I'm planning to build a wall in my back yard w/my 12-year-old son for him to kick a soccer ball against. Ideally, it's something between 16-24 feet wide and 8 feet tall. He has a fairly strong leg for a 12-year-old, so the wall needs to be sturdy.

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Anyone used SKLZ wall nets or anything similar? - reddit.com

I actually liked the rebounder quite a bit. I don't use it that often but it's nice. I do recommend getting some kind of weights if you're using it on turf, because the stakes won't go in turf.

The 10 Best Soccer Rebounders to Train With in 2021 - Sportsglory

A soccer rebounder is a handy tool for improving nearly every skill you need to be a great soccer player, no matter what position you play or how old you are. While they may look like little more than a few poles with a net, they are surprisingly versatile and an essential part of many important soccer drills.

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The opening isn’t going to soften up much it’s a fairly stiff synthetic material that isn’t going to give much over time. Generally I find the Nike takedown models to be better than the adidas ones, for example a Nike Mercurial Vapor Academy is generally better than an X18.3 simply because in recent times the Nike boots have been better quality.

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: After 4 years in the lower leagues (from League Two up to Championship), Rangers won promotion back to the Premiership two weeks ago. After also winning the Scottish Challenge Cup last weekend, Rangers can focus fully on this tie as it is the only competition left with something to play for.