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The 6 Most Important Basketball Layups | STACK

Jump-Stop Layup. The jump-stop layup is more of a footwork variation. You pound the ball, hop with it, gather yourself, and go up strong. The benefit of this this layup is that you’re controlled ...

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Level Up Your Layup – The Super 6 Basketball Layups

Reverse Layup. Great basketball players make layups from all angles. The reverse layup allows players to attack the rim from one side and finish on the opposite side using the basket to help create space from the defender. The reverse layup can be performed from the front side of the rim or from the baseline.

Six Basketball Layup Variations, Part 3: Power Layups and ...

Demonstration of the steps to developing good layup footwork and form and how to practice. Find the article on STACK.com for descriptions and more drills.

Scoring Close To The Basket Layup Variations : Tips for ...

The layup is a form of a close shot that consists of going towards the basket in a forward motion to score. There are many different variations of the layup. There is the floater, euro step, hop step, jump stop, spin, and reverse. These are the most popular and effective variations.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

We sometimes use the word "layup" and "finishing" interchangeably. If you're a coach, you already know what "layup" means. When we say "finishing", that means the player is going to the basket and finishing with some type of shot. That shot could be a layup, euro step, pro-hop, jump-stop power finish, floater, push shot, and the list goes on.

How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

A reverse layup allows the offensive player to attack the hoop and finish on the opposite side of the rim. For players at high levels, the rim acts as protection from shot blockers. 7. Power Layup. A power layup involves performing a 2-foot jump stop before raising up to shoot.

Learn Basketball Layups, Part 1: The Overhand Layup - stack

In basketball, the layup is the highest percentage shot in the game. Every player should master the move. But many athletes know how to correctly execute only one or two variations.

Basketball Drills - Lay-up Drills, Coach's Clipboard ...

Player #2 rebounds and passes to player #4 in the corner. Player #2 follows the pass and goes to the corner. Player #4 passes to the next player in line, follows the pass, and goes to the end of half-court line. Run this drill for both right and left handed lay-ups.