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Place 2 cones/poles approx. 2m apart from each other. 3m in front, place a third cone as the passing station. The passing player (yellow) lines up at the third cone, with a ball. The active player (blue) lines up in between the cones/poles. Execution:

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The warm-up in handball training can be varied with the passing exercise. Zarko Pejovic shows us many different exercises with 2 balls and 3 players. A high ...

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This handball training drill requires 6 players separated into 3 attacker,3 defenders and should be played in a 10 m x 5 m area. The players should pass quickly and accurately with the condition that the player should not pass back to the same person. The players should focus on speed,agility,footwork and accuracy at all times.

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Have a look at the handball drill animation inside our coaching app. The center back (CB) starts the drill with a pass to the player at station B (LB). Both pass the ball for a total of 3 times. The defender at station C (RI/LI) moves with the ball and tries to keep offensive players from finishing.

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• Passing and catching in a circle • Direct passes of two balls at the same time • Two attackers are passing a ball to each other. The student in the middle must try to intercept it . These exercises improve throwing and catching while standing and moving as well as the ball- hand-eye coordination.

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Faster, Harder and Better - Position Play Passing Develop your players ability to pass and receive on the move to keep attacks flowing, allowing your team to go forward at speed, not allowing the opposition to set.

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