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9v9 Soccer Formations (8 Great Options to Choose From)

3-3-2 Formation. Another very common 9v9 formation is the 3-3-2 which is very solid and hard to play against. With three defenders and three midfielders in front of them, the opposition should struggle to score while the two strikers up front mean that the team still offers up a goalscoring threat.

9v9 Soccer Formations for Coaches

9v9 Formation Basics for Soccer Coaches If you're coaching at the U11 or U12 youth soccer age groups, you're probably faced with choosing a 9v9 (9 versus 9) soccer formation. While there are several different formations for you to choose from (or create your own), each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

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Positions, Roles and Responsibilities in the 3-2-3 (9v9 ...

For more on the 3-2-3 formation and its strengths, weaknesses and coaching opportunities, check out our complete guide on Coaching the 3-2-3 (9v9) and Best Formations for 9v9. Let’s get right into it – Positions, Roles and Responsibilities in the 3-2-3 (9v9). SET-UP. The 3-2-3 system includes 3 defenders, 2 central midfielders and 3 attackers.

All The Best 9 v 9 Soccer Formations [Full 2021 Guide]

The Classic (3-3-2) This is likely one of the most common 9 v 9 soccer formations. It mimics the very common 4-4-2 in the 11 v 11 version of the game, taking away one player each from the defensive and midfield lines. The diagram above indicates the general or average position of players, but players are free to move in between these lines depending on the spell of play, while keeping in mind their primary responsibilities and positions.

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4-2-2 Formation. This is often a great starting point for teams in 9 v 9 soccer. Teams that are slightly unsure of their strength in comparison to their opponents often favour this as it provides them with a solid defensive base whilst allowing for the scope and flexibility to break out and cause an attacking threat.

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9v9 . Formation: 1-2-4-2 or 1-2-4-1-1 #1: Role of the Goal Keeper: keepers should learn how to support the back line in possession, how to distribute and be the first line of attack instead of just punt the ball long. Keepers need to learn to pass the ball on goal kicks rather than just kick it long.

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© 2014 U.S. Soccer CONFIDENTIAL — Not to be shared without U.S. Soccer approval Thursday, January 16, 14 POSITIONAL ROLES AND NUMBERS – 9v9 1-3-2-3 FORMATION 51) or)3:2:1)Forma(on)) 7v7: Recommended 2-3-1 or 3-2-1 Formation 1* 1-3-2-3*Forma9on*for*9v9*) (#1)Goalkeeper)):)Keep)ball)out)of)goal ) ):)Organize)the)backs/defense)

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9v9 youth soccer position and numbers. The positions and numbers for the players in a 9v9 youth soccer game are: 1 – Goalkeeper ; 2 – Right side defender; 3 – Left side defender; 4 – Central defender; 5 – Left side midfielder; 6 – Central midfielder; 7 – Right side midfielder; 8 – Center forward; 9 – Striker/playmaker; Youth soccer positions: 11v11