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The Tennis Forehand Contact Point: An Essential Guide ...

More recently, they’ve begun calling it the windshield wiper forearm. If you slow down the contact point of all the best players, though, you’ll see this isn’t true. The fact is, the racquet’s still vertical and the strings are still pointing toward the ball, even at the moment of contact. Only the shoulder moves.

Myths of Tennis: The Forehand Contact Point

Myths of Tennis: The Forehand Contact Point. By Jim Klein. May 8th 2015. Let’s address one of the most common myths of tennis that has been around for decades and has morphed into another myth that has been around for less time but does just as much damage to unsuspecting tennis players. Most players have heard tennis commentators ...

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Ideal Tennis Forehand Contact Point And 6 Drills To Master It ...

2. the contact point in front of the body is correct for the modern grips eastern to western forehand grips. But with the continental and semi-continental(old school) forehand grips the contactpoint is not in front but more beside the body (closed stance).

Section 01 - The Forehand Contact Point Explained - FTP Tennis

The ideal contact point of the forehand varies depending on what grip is used. The ideal contact point is the position where, as the racquet swings forward, it gets into a vertical position without any movement of the wrist or forearm. An Eastern Forehand grip puts the ideal contact point lower and closer to the body then a semi-western grip.

2.1 Tennis Forehand Contact Point • Top Speed Tennis

2.1 Tennis Forehand Contact Point. October 28, 2014 by Clay Ballard 35 Comments. Why You Need This: In order to get clean contact on the ball we must be in the proper positions. All of the top pros consistently contact the ball out in front of the body to get both spin and power. We will go over how to do this properly in this video.

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Here are two steps to really focus on when you are hitting your forehand to find your ideal contact point: 1. Focus on preparing early. As soon as you recognize the ball is coming to your forehand, start your unit turn and get the racket back. This will ensure you have adequate time later on the swing to fully extend during the contact zone. 2.

Tennis Forehand Contact Point And How To Find It - YouTube

http://www.feeltennis.net/tennis-forehand-contact-point/The following tennis drills help you find an optimal forehand contact point and can be applied to any...

How To FIND The Tennis Forehand Contact Point - YouTube

How To FIND The Tennis Forehand Contact PointMake sure you know the differences between the medium, low, and high contact points. You should be doing your be...