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The Best Tie Off Knots For Tennis Racquet Stringing

General Tips for Tie-Off Knots Practice makes perfect Don't pull tension on your knots using the stringing machine Use a starting clamp to help you grip the string when tightening the knot Try to use the same knot consistently Remember to increase the tension by 10% before pulling the last mains or ...

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I have described the most common knots used when stringing a tennis racket. There are four common tie of knots Wilson Pro knot, Parnell knot, two half hitch...

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This video demonstrates a couple of tie off knots that can be used for tennis racquet stringing. Note, these knots should not be used for starting knots.Not...

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For a tie off knot in the tennis application a knot that jams is just what you want. You don't want a semipermanent knot you want a strong knot that will jam. The problem is the overhand knot is a weak knot but until someone comes along with something better it will do.

Tie off knot for tennis racket stringing

Tie off knot for tennis racket stringing patrick 1:21 PM Check out my NEW stringing techniques corner, where I find the best and most up to date information on racket stringing.

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Double Half Hitch Knot. The double half hitch knot is used to tie off the end of the string. Although commonly used and known for tying off the end of the string, it can be used as a starting knot as well. The knot is depicted in the drawing and in a couple of pictures below. Starting Knot

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Trim the knot tail (end of the string) to about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. Be sure it is at least below the edge of the frame. Knots cut too short may come undone and those cut too long look unprofessional and can cause an annoying buzz during play. If you are using a poly-based or similar stiff string, make sure the string end is cut flat.

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Tie a starting knot for your tennis racket. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to tie a standard starting knot. As the name suggests, this knot is used for starting off your crosses and can withstand direct tension. It's not something your want to use for the end of your mains or crosses on the racket.