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The Set Pass. Elbows high. Make a diamond shape with your hands using your thumb and index fingers. Bend knees. Quick "catch" and push with your fingers. Extend your arms and wrist. Pretend you are catching a water balloon to help you get the feel of not "stabbing" at the ball. Submitted by Todd Pennington who is a doctoral student in the Health and Physical Education Program at Virginia Tech. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!

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Skill Cues. Players should always be ready to move and make a play at the ball. Your power will come from your legs when performing the skills. Passing. Hand positions. wrapped fist. thumb in palm of hand. cupped palm. bend your knees before the ball comes to you to absorb the serve and make the pass.

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Volleyball The Forearm Pass . Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other Move feet to get under the ball One foot in front of the other with knees bent Extend arms, body and knees to the ball DO NOT swing your arms, meet the ball with your arms

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“The Language of Volleyball You Speak In Your Program! Systems, Terms / Concepts, Techniques, Teach Your Players A New Language, Speak It As Your First Language!” – Alan Knipe. Alan Knipe’s verbal cues (Complete philosophy) and language: – Left right – Square up – Follow through – Shape the ball early

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2. The set- used primarily to set the ball for the spiker. Skill cues: Hands in front of forehead, triangle position of hands, hit ball with fingertips, knees slightly bent, and feet shoulder length apart. When making contact with the ball: extend arms and legs in the direction of your target. 3. The underhand serve- easiest serve to master.

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How to do Volleyball Set: Step 1: Start by standing with your feet shoulder's width apart and your knees slightly bent. Step 2: Bring your hands above your forehead and have your hands in a setting/cup position. If you, brought your pointer fingers and thumbs together, you would have a diamond look between your hands.

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Skill Cues for Serve (3) Eye on ball. Opposite foot out in front. Swing straight arm. Volleyball Positions. Rightfront, Leftfront, Middlefront, Rightback, Leftback,Middleback and "X". How and When to Rotate. In volleyball, you rotate clockwise. If your team wins a point when the other team is serving.

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Feet to the ball, belly button to the target, flat platform. These are the three main cues for making a good forearm pass in volleyball. Teach these cues, practice these skills, work on performing a good forearm pass. Yes... Get Free Access See Review. Lesson Planet.