Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the process of evaluating and treating speech and language disorders. In therapy, the therapist uses various techniques to enhance communication. It involves articulation, fluency, expressiveness, cognitive abilities, and lots of others.

Types of Speech Disorders

Articulation Disorder:

This disorder leads to improper articulation of words. It are often due to making sounds in syllables, or incorrect word delivery.

Fluency Disorder:

This affects the fluency with which an individual speaks, affecting the flow and speed of speech. Stuttering and cluttering are fluency disorders. In stuttering, an individual has trouble speaking and should repeat a neighborhood of or the entire word. Whereas, in cluttering, an individual speaks so fast that he/she mixes words.

Resonance or voice disorders:

People with this disorder have problems maintaining the proper pitch, volume, and quality in speech. These inconsistencies and inappropriate modulation plunge the listener’s ability to know . it’s going to also cause pain or discomfort to the speaker.

How can we help?


We held personal sessions with children in small groups or one-on-one to assist make their speech fluent.

Articulation therapy:

In Articulation Therapy, our therapists teach children the way to make the right sounds while mouthing a word. they are doing so with activities and exercises which are age-appropriate and cater to a child’s unique needs.

Language intervention activities:

Here, our therapists help build children’s language by teaching them grammar and building their vocabulary. it’s done through creative games, exercises, and activities.